Mold Testing

Not everything that looks like mold is mold. Only laboratory testing can confirm or deny its presence. The dangers of mold to our health are caused by the inhalation of spores from indoor air. Most people with healthy immune systems have little or no problem with inhaling a few random spores. However, other people whose immune systems are compromised by lung disease, asthma, or allergies can develop serious side effects.I am a certified International Association of Indoor Air Quality Consultant (IAC2). I follow the IAC2 mold inspection standards of practice. During a mold inspection, I’m able to collect surface samples of microbial-like growth as well as indoor air samples. Samples are then sent to a certified lab for testing. The Lab analysis report will identify the type of mold spores present, the impact on human health, and whether there are elevated indoor mold spores or colonies present that require corrective action.