About Rock House Inspections

Our Story

I was born and raised on the good old-fashioned values of honesty and hard work. My journey has blessed me with a diverse background of professional experiences. My background includes serving in executive leadership roles at a nonprofit, construction management, residential electrician, remodeling, and new home construction. These experiences have shaped my vast knowledge of building science as well as my respect for people from all walks of life. I love helping my clients maximize their knowledge of the property they intend to buy or sell.

My wife and I live in Millville with our dog Opal, a very large slobbery St. Bernard. We are blessed with three children who have grown to be amazing human beings and outstanding contributors in their fields of nursing, digital art, and as global workers. In my spare time, I enjoy running, building things, and spectacular mountain views. (But truth be told, I’d rather be working. I love what I do!)

Our Mission

Rock House Inspections LLC was established in 2021 to serve home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals an inspection experience that will lead to a more successful and cost-effective real estate transaction. Our name, Rock House Inspections, was inspired by the teachings found in Matt 7:24.

The wise man built his house on the rock.

Matt 7:24

Our Values


A great inspection falls short if it’s not communicated well. I value clear and prompt communication from our initial contact to each step of the inspection process.


I value people from all walks of life. I promise to treat you, your time, and your resources with the respect and dignity you deserve.


I value giving my best at every opportunity. I pride myself in being thorough, efficient, and prompt to deliver a professional same day report.




Radon PA DEP


Septic PSMA


Mold Certified


Drone FAA Pilot


Pest DEP


Radon NRPP


Commercial Certified

CCI #002121